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Load Restraint Advice, Procedures and Systems 

Loadsafe can provide practical advice and solutions for all of your load restraint operational, safety and legal obligations.

Loadsafe has over 25 years’ experience in heavy vehicle engineering and loading.  We can provide:

  • Load Restraint advice

  • Load Restraint procedures developed specifically for your operations

  • Load Restraint systems which are designed specifically to minimise risk

  • Certification of Load Restraint procedures under National Heavy Vehicle Law

  • Minimum specifications for Load Restraint equipment

  • Minimum specifications for vehicles, vehicle bodies and attachments


Traditional load restraint systems utilise tie-down methods which require diligent loaders and operators to apply appropriate skills to ensure the ongoing safety of every load.

Loadsafe is continuously developing innovative new systems of load restraint which reduce dependence on operator diligence and skill in order to minimise risk in transport operations.


These systems include:

  • appropriate packaging and unitisation of products for safe transport throughout the distribution chain.

  • use of fixed or movable blocking structures on vehicle bodies so that operators do not have to use tie-down straps or chains.

  • use of secondary containment systems to reduce risk if packaging or unitisation is inadequate.


Loadsafe has over 20 years’ experience in designing specialised vehicle bodies which have been effective in minimising risk and improving productivity for various clients. Please refer to Vehicle Engineering for more information on Loadsafe’s specialised vehicle bodies.

Loadsafe’s experience within the transport industry has been extensive and has contributed to the development of many industry standards.  Load restraint requirements for the following products have been specifically evaluated and advice, solutions and procedures have been provided to numerous clients throughout Australia.

  • Aluminium Ingots, Billets and Slabs

  • Bagged Cement

  • Cable Reels

  • Clay Bricks and Pavers

  • Concrete Panels

  • Cotton Bales and Modules

  • Drums of Uranium Oxide

  • Gas Cylinder Pallets and Packs

  • Light Vehicles

  • Mobile Equipment

  • Palletised Bags and Cartons

  • Paper Rolls

  • Plasterboard

  • Plastic Pipe

  • Precast Concrete Products

  • Roof Tiles

  • Scrap Bins

  • Shipping Containers

  • Steel Tube and Pipe

  • Steel Billets

  • Timber Packs

  • Timber Poles


For more detailed information on the Methods and types of Equipment Loadsafe uses, see Load Restraint Methods and Equipment

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